Tooth Extractions

The thought of tooth extractions may give you the shivers, but rest assured: At Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental, it’s one of the most straightforward, simplest dental procedures you can undergo. We do everything we can to save your natural teeth, but if extractions are necessary, you’re in the care of an experienced, compassionate team.

We know any dental procedure can be stressful, and we’re here to make the process as worry-free as possible.

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Your teeth go through a lot in your lifetime. They may be knocked loose in an accident. They could have a severe cavity and an infection that can’t be fixed by a root canal. They may not fall out when they’re supposed to. You may have too many teeth for your mouth or a tooth that comes in at an angle and threatens the alignment of your other teeth.

In general, extractions are necessary when it will benefit your mouth more to have the tooth removed than to leave it there. If removing a tooth can prevent a more serious oral health problem, we will present that as a viable treatment option.

Trust Our Tooth Extraction Experience in West Jordan, Utah

It’s natural to be nervous before a tooth extraction, but your fear will disappear when you’re in the company of our friendly dental team. We’ve handled countless tooth extractions over the years, and you will leave a happy, relieved patient when we’re through ― we promise.

You’ll get local anesthesia to numb the tissues around the affected tooth. We have additional sedative options you can select as well, especially if the extraction is more complex and surgical.
We gently remove the tooth and then place gauze over your gums. We help you understand how to take care of the extraction site afterward by rinsing your mouth and eating soft foods. You can reduce swelling through the use of ice packs as well. You will feel like yourself again within a week or two, and if you don’t, our office is on call to help you manage any potential infection, however unlikely it is that you will develop one.

Help Us Help You: Call Today

It’s not worth it to suffer from a problem tooth in silence. Your quality of life has probably declined, since you may have pain when you talk, eat and drink. You can find relief quickly when you trust Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental. We will evaluate you and offer a professional recommendation for the best course of treatment. If extractions are necessary, you can trust us to carry out the procedure with care and precision. Help us help you by calling today to set up a consultation.

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