Tooth decay can wreak havoc in your mouth. Sometimes even when you take care of your teeth properly, a genetic predisposition can still cause cavities to appear. When you need fillings for these cavities, Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental can help.

What Causes Cavities?

Bacteria live in your mouth, and while some types are necessary and healthy, other types are not. Bacterial buildup on your teeth is called plaque. Plaque contains acids that can eat away at your tooth enamel if allowed to sit on teeth for too long. Eventually, once the acids penetrate the enamel, they begin to break down the next layer of the tooth ― the dentin ― until the decay spreads to the inner pulp.

Once the cavity has made its way to here, it starts to affect nerves and leads to pain and inflammation. At this point, a cavity can cause some discomfort. Fillings can both relieve pain and save your tooth from further damage.

How Fillings Can Help West Jordan, Utah Residents

First, the Wagner Dental team will thoroughly clean out the decayed area, checking for signs of infection. Next, we place a composite filling into the decayed space, restoring the tooth’s form.

You might be hesitant to let anyone near the decay site, but trust us: We know how to expertly clean cavities and place fillings without any discomfort to our patients. Most importantly, we know how to fill cavities swiftly and correctly.
Fillings are important because they support the tooth structure and restore its function. You can bite down and chew without worrying about pain or pressure. Fillings also can help prevent damage to the nerves inside the tooth, and they make it easier to clean your teeth and maintain fresh breath.

Trust Us for Preventive Care & Dental Fillings

At Wells W. Wagner Family Dental, we’re focused on treating our patients’ cavities with professional fillings, but we also want to teach you how to prevent the need for further treatment later on. We help you understand how important regular dental exams and daily tooth care are for your overall well-being and the long-term health of your teeth.

When you make an appointment to have a cavity filled at Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental, you’ll leave with a restored smile and a bright future. Work with us today to treat and prevent any oral health condition ― we’re here for you.

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