Are you considering getting fitted for dentures?

Dentures are artificial substitutes for natural teeth, and you can elect to replace all your teeth or only a small section. They can restore function, boost confidence and improve your overall quality of life. At Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental, we can help you find a perfect, personalized solution today.

How Can Dentures Help?

When your teeth are decayed or missing, getting dentures is a sensible, attractive decision. They are the solution to gaps or spaces between teeth, or worse, no teeth at all. Maybe you’ve been avoiding your favorite foods because they are too difficult or painful to eat. With dentures, you can enjoy yourself once again, since they mimic natural teeth, allowing you to eat a wider variety of foods.

Not only can they improve your smile, they can help improve the appearance of your entire face as well. When you lose teeth, your cheeks can appear sunken because the bone structure can no longer provide definition. With dentures, you’ll stay young-looking longer because your facial muscles won’t sag.

What Type of Dentures Is Right for You?

Depending on whether any of your natural teeth are intact, you may be interested in either partial or complete dentures.

Partial dentures can anchor to your remaining natural teeth, help keep them properly aligned and prevent them from shifting. Your smile will no longer have gaps, and you’ll be able to speak and eat with confidence.
Complete dentures are ideal when most of your natural teeth have decayed or are missing. If you do have any teeth left that must come out, the team at Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental can complete this procedure as well. Occasionally, implants are used to anchor the dentures and make them more stable.

You’ll be fitted for a set of both upper and lower dentures that will replicate real, natural teeth. If teeth have been removed, your mouth can heal while wearing your dentures, so you never spend a day without teeth. We make sure the dentures sit comfortably and don’t cause any pain or rub against your gums.

Get the Right Look and Feel with Dentures in West Jordan, Utah

Once you’re fitted for dentures, you can expect them to last for up to a decade. At Wells W. Wagner Family Dental, we give you guidelines on how to care for your dentures on a daily basis and prevent them from discoloring or getting scratched or chipped.

If you ever feel discomfort, you can bring your dentures back to our office for adjustment. Custom-fitted dentures can help you live a fulfilling life, both by improving your oral health and boosting your self-confidence. Make an appointment at Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental today for a free consultation.

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