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Wouldn’t it make your smile wider if you saw bright white teeth when you looked in the mirror? Whitening your teeth is a powerful cosmetic procedure that will greatly improve your appearance. Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental offers teeth-whitening services that quickly restore your sparkle.

Enhance Your Smile Today with Teeth Whitening

Teeth become yellowed and discolored with age, especially if you smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and soda. Stains contribute to the fading white finish, but consuming acidic foods and drinks also adds to the problem because these eat away at tooth enamel. Underneath the first layer of enamel is dentin, a darker substance that shows through when enamel begins to wear.
Many patients, in their attempts to achieve teeth whitening as quickly as possible, use drugstore treatments and hope for professional results. While these products are useful and somewhat effective, they’re not custom-fitted to your teeth. You may have a few teeth that end up blindingly white, but some may remain discolored. These uneven results can be disappointing.

You’ll See Fast Teeth Whitening Results in West Jordan, Utah

When you have Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental help with teeth whitening, you’re in the care of professionals who understand the importance of a thorough, and cost-effective, job. We create custom bleaching trays that fit your individual mouth perfectly, and send you home with a bleaching kit you can use as often as fits your lifestyle.

No need to spend hours in our office! You can bleach your teeth on your own time frame and according to your own schedule.
The only ongoing expense to you, if you keep track of your trays, is to periodically purchase a new bleaching solution. This system is just as effective as in-office treatments, at a fraction of the price

Trust a Professional’s Touch

While no two patients’ results are identical, when you come for a consultation at Wells W. Wagner Family Dental, we can predict how your teeth will respond to teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening works best on teeth that have been stained by food, drink or tobacco rather than trauma or excessive fluoride use.

Want to find a teeth whitening treatment option that will fit your lifestyle and budget? Visit our office today and we’ll help you find a solution that will put the shine back in your smile. Wells W. Wagner DDS Family Dental has answers for you.

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